Primary to secondary transition during COVID-19

A major new research study


You are being invited to take part in a research study conducted by the University of Glasgow and Manchester Metropolitan University to explore teachers, parents/guardians and children’s experiences of primary-secondary school transition in the context of Covid-19 lockdown.

We want to know your first-hand experiences during this time and how you feel this period can be improved in the short and long term.


Survey 1: for teachers


We are asking teachers to complete a short 10-minute survey. This insight will provide an evidence base which can help us to identify ways that transition can be managed more effectively and develop best practice guidelines.

If you teach pupils in the last year of primary school or in the first year in secondary school and would like to take part, please follow the appropriate link below.

Primary school teacher survey
Secondary school teacher survey

Survey 2: for parents/guardians and children

We are asking parents/guardians and children to complete a short 15-minute survey. This insight will provide an evidence base to support families during the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19, but also in future transition years.

If your child has transitioned to secondary school in 2020 and you would like to take part, please follow the Parent Survey link below.

Once you have completed your survey, we would also like to invite your child to complete a survey where they will be asked similar questions to the ones you completed. If you would like to consent for your child to participate, please follow the Child Survey link below.

Parent Survey
Child Survey

Thank you!

Your input will help the researchers identify ways in which the transition from primary to secondary school can be managed more effectively.