Make sure every Year 7 is ready.

Before they even join you...



Transition Support Programme!

The primary2secondary support programme helps Year 6 children(and their parents/carers) manage the transition to secondary school. From the beginning of Year 6, it provides 14 months of help and support on areas such as travel, homework and more.

And now YOUR secondary school can benefit from the programme.

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1. Recommend primary2secondary to local primary schools

Contact your feeder primary schools and let them know about the primary2secondary programme.

2. Trusts and foundations - contact your other schools

Make sure the primary schools in your group implement the programme

3. Your school is seen as a leader (by parents, Ofsted and others)

The primary2secondary website provides FREE resources you can use on your website

Extra! Update your school website

Many schools provide little or no information about the move to secondary. We give you resources you can use on your website!

You know that a successful move to secondary school is very important

Secondary school is VERY different from primary. And each child is different. So, choosing the best school for THEIR child is a priority for parents. It's not just the Ofsted report. Or the league table results. It's whether the school is a good fit for THAT child. And now, more than ever, parents need help with that process.

Parents ask schools for advice. But where can they get it?

WHAT do they need to know? WHERE can they get the information? WHAT does it mean? WHO should I listen to? And, WHAT should I do?

Parents are overwhelmed and anxious and often turn to their child's teacher, or school, for advice. You'd like to help, but...

You are SO short of time!

Can you spend hours checking websites? When you're buried in marking, parent evenings, staff meetings, lesson planning...

NO! So now, you can help parents to help themselves. Recommend the primary2secondary support programme to local primary schools... and show your forward-thinking approach to education.


It's SO easy for primary schools!

  1. A primary school subscribes to primary2secondary

  2. We send them a special web link to give to parents

  3. Parents join primary2secondary

  4. Children (and parents) get 14 months of support, through into secondary school

  5. The primary school meets parent and child needs, without spending hours of teacher time...

Details of the primary2secondary programme

We created primary2secondary to help children and their parents handle the move to secondary school. It's a complete, 14-month programme with videos, downloads, checklists and a special Facebook group. It can help parents choose the best schools for THEIR child (hopefully YOUR school), manage the application process, prepare their child for secondary, and much, much more...

It's PARTICULARLY suitable for parents and children who may struggle with the process. This includes:

  • Parents who are going through this process for the first time
  • Parents of children with SEND
  • Parents whose children have social anxiety, or similar issues
  • Looked-after children

When you recommend the primary2secondary programme to primary schools, you're investing in the children who will soon become your Year 7...


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