Transition resources

There's lots of useful information available about the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. But sometimes, finding it isn't easy. We've gathered together a variety of resources you might find useful. From academic reports, to guidance leaflets, to videos. And FREE downloads, too...

FREE - COVID-19 (parents)

Get free resources for parents. LOTS of tips and 'Quick Wins' during this difficult time...

COVID-19 (parent)

FREE - COVID-19 (child)

Pages and pages of activity ideas for children  - fun and informative

COVID-19 (child)

FREE - 'This is Me'

Use this booklet to make sure that Year 7 teachers REALLY know their new children

'This is Me'

Expert Interviews

Join us as we interview leading experts in the area of primary to secondary transition.

We cover both academic research, as well as real-life insights from the front line in today's schools...

See the interviews

primary2secondary: Our Podcast

Join Sue & Jo as they discuss key aspects of transition. There are lots of tips and tricks, together with 'Expert Interviews' with those who specialise in the transition from primary to secondary school. Click below to listen. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, and more. Just search for primary2secondary.

primary2secondary Partners

Families and schools need all the help they can get in preparing children for the move to secondary school. Check out our carefully selected partners. Each provides useful resources or training that can help equip children to successfully make the move to secondary school.

Our partners


There are studies and reports available to help you understand the challenges of transition. And what you can do about them...

See the reports


Organisations have produced a variety of guides that can form a useful basis for creating your own transition resources

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Sometimes, videos can be helpful in showing children what to expect in the move to secondary school. And that it's not all bad!

See the videos

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