Imagine Your Child, Happy and Confident, At the Best Secondary School

...for THEM!

You have ONE CHANCE to help your child move successfully from primary to secondary school. As parenting experts, and ex-teachers, we've developed this support programme just for you...

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Step-by-step support programme

We'll take you through the ENTIRE process, from choosing the best school for YOUR child, through the application process, to preparing them for the move

Exclusive Facebook community

Only open to parents enrolled in the support programme, we'll provide exclusive information, news, and Facebook lives, where you can get your questions answered

Simple downloads & checklists

Now, you don't have to spend hours searching for the information you need. We've done it for you! Easy to follow advice and checklists help you do the right thing, at the right time!

primary2secondary has EVERYTHING you need to take your child right the way through Year 6 and into Year 7

Every year, thousands of parents have to start the process of choosing a secondary school, managing the application process, and sorting out DOZENS of practical things like uniforms, travel, safety, and more! Sometimes this can be completely overwhelming! But it doesn't have to be. What if you had a step-by-step guide that shows you what you need to do - and when?

  • What if you didn't have to spend days and weeks trying to find the information you need?
  • What if you could connect with other parents and share questions AND ANSWERS!
  • What if you had access to parenting advisors, teachers, and more!

Well, now you can.

primary2secondary is the ONLY full parent support programme in the UK. Designed and developed by experts, with input from parents, it's all you need to help your child have a GREAT move to secondary school.

Here's what you will get...

You don't have to spend yours, days, and weeks looking for information. We've got it right here for you! Listen to clear, concise videos from parenting experts Sue Atkins & Jo FitzGerald. Download handy information sheets and checklists. and more!

A COMPLETE Support Programme

You need to choose the best secondary school for YOUR child. But are the league tables the only factor? Should you believe what other parents say? You worry if they are mentally prepared for a big school, with older kids... What about them travelling on their own? Will they be safe?

There are SO many things to worry about, right from the beginning of Year 6, through into Year 7 and beyond.

So, that's why we have developed a complete support system for parents that covers 14 months. Right the way from working out what's important in choosing schools, through to happy and confident children in Year 7.

Everything you need!

This is a COMPLETE parent support programme for you AND your child. It provides all the information and support you will need to ensure a smooth transition of YOUR child from primary to secondary school.

You have access to a comprehensive programme, with:

  • Online videos, providing top tips for you
  • Downloadable information sheets, checklists and more
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group, where you can get your questions answered
  • Regular information and motivation webinars, with guest experts
  • And more...!

Pricing Options

You can access the entire 14-month primary2secondary parent support programme, one of two ways. Either get a BIG discount by enrolling in the entire programme up-front, or pay monthly over 12 months. All for less than the weekly cost of a cup of coffee!



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14-month support programme

Videos, checklists, more...

Exclusive Facebook group

Regular webinars

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14-month support programme

Videos, checklists, & more

Exclusive Facebook group

Regular webinars

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