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Here are the answers to your questions about primary2secondary. If you need any more information, just contact us.


Q: WHAT is this programme?

A: primary2secondary is a comprehensive support programme for parents of children moving to secondary school. It’s a complete 14-month programme, running throughout Year 6 and into Year 7. It helps parents:

  • Choose the best school for their child
  • Complete the application process and find other information required
  • Find out their child’s worries, and deal with them
  • Prepare for travel to/from school
  • Teach their child how to keep safe
  • Deal with practicalities such as getting lost, homework, different teachers, etc.
  • Overcome the challenges of the first few months at secondary school

Now primary2secondary is available through schools! Both primary and secondary schools can subscribe to the programme and then make it available to all parents. This provides a valuable part of the school's overall well-being approach and saves teachers having to research, or provide, up-to-date information.

Q: WHY do schools need primary2secondary?

A: Making sure that children have a happy and successful move to secondary school is one of THE most important responsibilities for schools. yet often, teachers don't know what advice to give parents.

When children move to secondary school, they will become teenagers, develop their identity and values, and choose their path in life. This could be a good path, leading to happiness and success in life. Or it could be something else, leading to dark times. So, making sure they choose the right path is ESSENTIAL. The correct choice of school, confidence and resilience in their approach to this change, being comfortable with all the practicalities – all these are VITALLY important in children having a great move. If this goes wrong – well, they child could end up in a bad place. Approximately 50% of mental health disorders emerge between the ages of 11 and 14, with transition being a major contributing factor.

Q: WHO is primary2secondary for?

A: It’s for ALL schools - both primary, and secondary. And it's ideal for multi-academy trusts with both types of school.

For primary schools, it's a great way of helping parents through that last year before the move. For secondary schools, it's a great way of helping children BEFORE they arrive. It's particularly helpful where the ELDEST child is moving to secondary school - the entire process can be scary, causing worry and anxiety for parents AND children. There are so many unknowns, and this complete support programme guides parents and children through the process, telling them what they need to know, when they need to know it.

If parents already have a child at secondary school, and have another about to make the move, this programme is for them too!! Every child is different (that’s CERTAINLY true!!), so what worked for one child is unlikely to be just right for another. Even in the same family! We have spent months and months pulling together the latest information about how to choose the best school for an individual child, new policies and procedures, information about children with SEND, and more. So, PLEASE don’t assume that what worked for an older child, will work for the next one. That could be a BIG mistake!

Q: WHO developed this programme?

A: primary2secondary was created by two leading parenting experts – Sue Atkins and Jo FitzGerald. As well as both being recognised parenting experts, Sue and Jo have been deputy head teachers – Sue in a primary school, and Jo in a Pupil Referral Unit.

Sue is the resident parenting expert on many TV and radio programmes, such as ITV’s ‘This Morning’, BBC Radio, Sky News, and ‘Good Morning Britain’, and wrote the best-selling book ‘Parenting Made Easy'.

Jo has over 30 years’ experience of teaching, from Early Years, right through to excluded teenagers in a Pupil Referral Unit. Jo is an author of children’s books, blogger, mum of four children, and a qualified instructor of youth and adult  Mental Health First Aid.


Q: HOW can I get the primary2secondary support programme?

A: Everything is easily accessible online. After your school subscribes to the programme, you receive unique codes you can send to parents of relevant children. Then, using this special code, parents get FREE access to the videos from Sue and Jo, helpful information sheets and checklists, AND get access to the exclusive Facebook group. We will also run Facebook lives, webinars and more. And there will be useful bonuses and discounts available throughout the year.

And we have a special Facebook group just for schools that have subscribed. Here, we provide programme updates, answer any qurestions you may have, and share best practice.


Q: WHEN will it be available?

A: primary2secondary is available now! It will run right the way through Year 6, through into Year 7.


Q: WHERE can I get the programme?

A: Just visit the ‘Schools’ page, learn about primary2secondary, and sign up.


Q: HOW much does it cost to join the programme?

A: Your school can get access to the entire, 14-month programme, including videos, downloads and our Facebook group, for an annual subscription of only £499 - about the same as a weekly coffee and cake. Isn’t the future of the children at your school worth that?


Q: WHAT if I don’t like the programme?

A: We give a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If during the first 30 days after joining, you decide that primary2secondary is not for you, we will refund you in full.



Q: Do I need a computer to access primary2secondary?

A: The programme is accessible through any web browser, so you can view it at any time through a computer (Mac or PC, desktop or laptop), or your phone (iPhone or Android).


Q: Do I need any special software for the videos or downloads?

A: No! You access primary2secondary through a browser and all videos play through that – no need to download any software. The downloads are in the common Acrobat PDF format, so you’ll need a PDF viewer to read them and print them out. You can get a free PDF viewer for your computer HERE. And for your phone go to the Apple Store (iPhone and iPad), or Google Play (Android).

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