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The best way to see the breadth and depth of the primary2secondary transition support programme is via a live demonstration. we can show you the:

  • Programme structure and contents

  • Guidance videos and downloads for children and parents

  • Easy implementation by schools

And more...

Just choose the best date and time and we'll do the rest...

Latest research

What does the latest research say about the transition from primary to secondary school? You might be surprised!

Top Tips

We show you some 'quick wins' for helping children, and their families, get ready for the move to secondary school.

In this demo...

Join us in this informative programme demo and you'll gain access to special offers for your school, or trust.

Just choose the date and time that works for you...

We'll contact you with details of the demo.

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  • We explain the background to the primary2secondary programme:
  • Show how it develops through Year 6
  • Give example of advice videos and activity sheets
  • And more...