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Year 6 primary2secondary

FREE online guide now available!

October 31st deadline!!

We now have a completely FREE online programme to help families work with their children in choosing the most appropriate secondary school:

  • Step-by-step explanation of the process

  • 20 videos explaining everything

  • Catchment areas, Ofsted reports, the application process, and more...

We answer ALL your questions in our FREE online guide.

Get the FREE guide to choosing a secondary school


is the ONLY programme designed to fully prepare children for the transition from primary to secondary school

Without asking more of Year 6 teachers...


Full stop. 

Primary school?

Year 6?


It's simple.

The primary2secondary programme prepares your Year 6 children for the move to secondary school.

Your Year 6 children are emotionally and practically prepared, WITHOUT asking more of your Year 6 teachers.

Benefits for primary school

Secondary school?

Year 7?


It's simple.

Recommend the primary2secondary programme to your primary feeder schools.

And help ensure that YOUR pupils achieve the academic results you want for your school.

Benefits for secondary school

 Parent of
a child in
Year 6?


It's simple.

Sign up for the FREE primary2secondary guide to choosing and applying to secondary schools.

A complete step-by-step guide to choosing and applying for the secondary schools that will be best for YOUR child.

Benefits for parents

Check out our FREE resources!

We've prepared FREE resources for you, and gathered LOTS of information about transition - reports, videos, guides, and more...

Get FREE resources...

Essential information

All the information parents need to help choose the best school for their child. And make sure they are ready for the move...

Expert guidance

Sue Atkins & Jo FitzGerald are recognised parenting experts, with experience as teachers, parents, TV presenters, and authors...

Fantastic support

This transition support programme is more than online information. It's a thriving community of like-minded parents, too...


We are the ONLY comprehensive support programme for children, in the move from primary to secondary schools.

And now, schools can provide this programme directly to parents..

A complete transition support programme

We provide everything:

  • Online training videos
  • Downloads and checklists
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Q&A webinars
  • And much, much more...

Schools: access the entire transition support programme for a low-cost annual subscription

Right the way through Year 6, and into Year 7, parents have to make LOTS of decisions that will shape their child's life. Their friends, their values, their behaviour, their academic results, and more depend upon what they decide to do this year. So, don't delay - get the information, guidance and support your parents need...

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