Free resources!

We have free resources for you to download.

  • 'This Is Me' is a really helpful booklet that children fill in and give to their new Year 7 teachers
  • 'I've Got This' is a two-part resource to help children cope with the stresses of COVID-19

Click on the links above to get your copy.

School Transition Support Programme

The primary2secondary programme helps Year 6 children (and their parents/carers) manage the transition to secondary school.

Using videos and downloads, it provides clear information, advice, and guidance on all sorts of practical issues such as travel, homework, and discipline.


Much more than that, it provides a comprehensive framework to ensure that families have the best attitude towards the move, and the knowledge and skills to make it work.

A good transition is essential for learning and behaviour

Secondary school is VERY different from primary. And each child is different. Many struggle with the move and have serious behaviour and learning problems in Year 7 (and beyond).problems

Parents ask for advice. But where can they get it?

WHAT do they need to know? WHERE can they get the information? WHAT does it mean? WHO should they listen to? and WHAT should they do?

You and your colleagues are SO short of time!

Can you spend hours checking websites? When you're buried in marking, parents' evenings, staff meetings, lesson planning...

1. School purchases a subscription

This allows ALL the parents of Year 6 children to access the programme FREE!

2. Parents/children join the programme online

Parents love the helpful videos from Sue & Jo. PLUS, we provide information sheets, checklists, and more...

3. Your school is seen as a leader

You can provide research-based, high-quality information and guidance to families of children about to enter Year 7.

It's SUCH an easy process

  • Check with your headteacher, business manager, or MAT

  • Subscribe to primary2secondary

  • We send you a link to send parents

  • Parents sign up to primary2secondary

  • Your school meets child AND parents' needs, without spending hours of your time...